Monday, September 14, 2009

Holy Crapola!

I has been a few bad. I have been so busy getting ready for the Parade of Homes (I work for a custom home builder as a day job). Although I did have Stamp Club last week, I did not get to stamp for fun at all last week. Plan to change that tonight as I am going to work on my project for Scrapbooking Class next week. I have so many ideas and techniques I want to try running through my head.....round n round.........round n round. I was pretty excited to hit my Stampin Start goal the first 3 months! I still don't see how anyone can sell 12k in 3 months! Holy crapola! Must not work 40 hours a week and have a 3 year old? Dream world: still have the 3 year old but get to stamp all day long.

Anyway. I must say something about this Kanye West outburst on the MTV video awards last night. I did not see but of course it was all over the news. If you did not see, beautifully dressed Taylor Swift won Best Female Video of the year....and during her speech, Kanye West went up on stage and took the mic from her and then proceeded to say that Beyonce had the best video ever.........who was also nominated...........Taylor Swift, poor thing was speechless. I think I could have found a few things to say to him but she is young. And sweet probably. Kanye was booed off the stage and now is all over the news. Beyonce handled it very well and later won Best Video of the Year.....and then asked Taylor Swift to come up and finish her speech. What a jerko. That is my say for the day.
Happy Day - Tracey

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  1. I didn't see the show either. We were out camping, but I wouldn't have watched it anyway. But we did hear about it on the news and I had a look on youtube later. Kanye is an idiot. I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan but I'm cheering for her now. She showed a ton of class by keeping her composure. It was sweet of Beyonce to do what she did.