Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hmmmm......what happened to Fall?

It snowed yesterday. It was September 21 and it snowed all day. Today is September 22 and it is snowing today as well. What happened to fall? Should I skip making fall cards and gifts? I don't think so. I just purchased the Season of Friendship tree from Stampin' Up. Can't wait to do a card with it.......or even a scrapbook page. I was single momming it over the weekend and did find time to purchase an additional bookshelf for my stamps and paper. I put it together myself and it looks great. Now I have more room to fill with stampin stuff! My husband and I share "office" space. I have one side of the room with a huge armoire, desk that comes out of it, an extra desk and now the bookshelf. My husband actually drew and imaginary line across the room and told me NO STAMPING STUFF ON HIS SIDE. Thought that was hilarious so every now and then I hide a stamp set on his side just to poke at him. Any hoo.......I am working on my scrapbook pages for this week's scrapbooking class. Going to be cute! Will post soon. Have a happy snow day!

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