Monday, December 14, 2009

December Stamp Club

Happy happy happy holiday! What a beautiful white Christmas it is going to be! I love the snow. We went with some friends to the Christmas Fair in Georgetown yesterday and it was like a movie. White fluffy snow, reindeer, Santa, carolers, bagpipes, quaint little stores, roasted chestnuts......and a lovely lunch at The Tea Room. It was wonderful! My favorite time of the year.

Anyhoo, we had our monthly stamp club on Thursday night. It was loads of fun and we did some really cute projects: holiday card, gift card, and a bag-n-a- box. I have attached photos of the card and bag/box. Ya'll have already seen my gift card posted at an earlier date. I am also posting a couple of cute Christmas projects. I had some left over DSp paper curls that I did for my wreaths and thought I would make a Christmas tree out of it. Bought a styrofoam tree from Michaels and attached the curls with sewing pins. The blue snowflake purse/box is a gift from my wonderful upline, Ms Susan Kauber. She stuffed it with the best smelling tea lights. She will kill me b/c I can't remember the name of that company..........anyhoo....Thanks Susan!
Happy Holidays!

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