Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Cool Stuff for the Fair

My friend Lou made fun of me that I took photos of my projects directly on my carpet so this time I improvised and put cardstock under them. Does look better. Thanks Lou! Anyhoo, my good friend Jess came over last night to help me knock out some projects for the artisan fair this weekend and look what we did - these cute Santa Claus tags. I cased them off of someone but can't remember who - from one of the links I list here on my blog. I will dig through and figure it out. Have a feeling I am going to need more of these......... What do you think? Like it?

1 comment:

  1. that Lou...what a jerk! actually, it looks better, but use a lighter color, like vanilla, so we can see the contrast with your project.
    your stuff is really cute. have i told you that? with all the stress of the holiday fair i didn't tell you how much i like it. i hope you did well at the fair. it was long and slow, but good to have you and romina there to be slow with. could have had something to do with the fact we had all slept like 8 hours in 3 nights!